Best Price Guaranteed

We guarantee the best price in your booking.

Welcome to the Hotel Hostal Cuba!

Here are the details of our Best Price Guarantee policy:

If after booking with us by phone or at you then find our hotel on the internet with the same booking conditions at a lower price, then we will match that same price according to the following terms and conditions:

  • You contact us immediately within 72 hours of booking and you can provide us with all the information about the other offer, including a link to the offer on the webpage and the exact price offered.
  • The other offer can be booked online and is still available when we check it.
  • The other offer is subject to the same conditions as those chosen at This means that:
    • It is the same accommodation
    • It is the same room type
    • It is for the same arrival and departure dates
    • The room provides the same conditions (including board basis, cancellation policy, the package offered, same occupancy, etc.)
    • The conditions of your booking with us still allow cancellation or changes free of charge.

If we are unable to match the price of the other offer because one or several of the conditions mentioned above is different, your booking will remain as it was, including the cancellation policy.

Our Minimum Price Guaranteed is not applicable when:

  • Bookings are made through a website that does not reveal the establishment or the type of accommodation in which you will be staying until the booking is made.
  • You have booked using:
    • Special prices for members or private sale channels.
    • Discounts for regular clients of the web used.
    • Points programmes.
    • Any other kind of reward programme or special promotion from the website used.
    • If you do not contact us within 72 hours of having made your booking with us.

Why is the best price guarantee applicable up to 72 hours after having confirmed the booking?

Our IT system manages availability in real time, and so prices may often vary. For that reason, we guarantee the best price ALWAYS at the time of booking and for up to 72 hours afterwards; and not later on when another website could decide to drop their prices.

How do I claim the Best Price Guaranteed?

If at the time of booking or in the 72 hours after making your booking at you find a cheaper price on another webpage, call us on + 34 971 452237 or send us an e-mail to together with the link that verifies the difference in price and the details of the booking made on our webpage. Once we have checked the tariff, we will modify your booking straight away if conditions are met and we will inform you in the same manner as you contacted us.