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Santa Catalina Hotel Hostal Cuba

Santa Catalina Market

Kept alive by its famous food market, Santa Catalina is still today, as it has always been, a lively neighbourhood.

Its endearing urban structure, with its century-old independent businesses and its privileged location within the city, make it an ideal place to visit and to live in.

Santa Catalina Hotel Hostal Cuba

An Art Nouveau building dating from 1904

The Hostal Cuba Hotel is a historical landmark in the neighbourhood.

Far from trying to change the essence of the area, the hotel respects and embraces the spirit of the Santa Catalina neighbourhood, working in close and daily cooperation with food market sellers, local florists and bakeries and many other small businesses in thesurrounding area.

Our hotel’s characteristic façade lends a certain style to the Santa Catalina neighbourhood and with its photogenic presence invites passers-by to lose themselves in this charming area to enjoy its flavour and style.